The Devil’s Knot

(O Nó do Diabo) – Horror, 2018

Directors: Ian Abé, Gabriel Martins, Ramon Porto Mota and Jhésus Tribuzi
128 minutes | Portuguese with English Subtitles
(not recommend for children under 16)

Exhibited on February 13th, 2019 PM
UCLA James Bridge Theater
235 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Two centuries ago, in the period of slavery, a sugar plantation was a stage of horrors. Years later, the cruel past remains marked on the walls of the place, even if nobody notices. Strange events begin to unfold and death becomes evident. Five tales of horror illustrate the narrative.



Screenplay: Jhésus Tribuzi, Ramon Porto Mota, Ian Abé, Gabriel Martins, Anacã Agra, João Matias, Fabiano Raposo
Producers: Ramon Porto Mota, Ian Abé, Lucas Guimarães Salgado, Mariah Benaglia
Production company: Vermelho Profundo