Maybe a Love Story

“Talvez uma História de Amor”
Comedy, Romance
Brazil, 2018.
Director: Rodrigo Bernardo
101 minutes | Portuguese with English Subtitles

Screening on October 10, 2019
UCLA James Bridges Theater
235 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90095


Based on a French book by the celebrated author Martin Page, “Maybe A Love Story” tells the story of Virgílio, a man who leads a safe, organized and empty life, until the unexpected happens: a message on his answering machine. Clara is breaking up with him. His friends start calling to see how he’s holding up – the whispers about his heartbreaking drama are spreading around. But that’s not what’s troubling Virgílio. Who is Clara? Was he dating someone and he’s the only one who didn’t know?

Questioning his memory and his sanity, the event makes him hop a train in the opposite direction of where his life was heading, in search for his mysterious ex.

In a fun tailspin of unrelenting self-analysis and existential crisis, Virgílio comes face-to-face with the one thing in life that he had always tried to avoid: love.

Does Clara really exist? Will Virgílio find her?



Director: Rodrigo Bernardo
Writers: Rodrigo Bernardo; Ben Frahm; Brandon Neslund
Producer: Rodrigo Bernardo
Executive Producers: Thiago Andrade; Monica Sufar; Marcos Tellechea; Justine Otondo
Co-Executive Producers: Vera Herbert
Associated Producers: Rick Hungria; Juliano Pereira; Eduardo Dullius
Director of Photography: Hélcio Alemão Nagamine, ABC
Key Cast: Mateus Solano “Virgílio”; Thaila Ayala “Clara”; Marco Luque “Otávio”; Bianca Comparato “Katy”; Totia Meirelles “Dra. Bruner”; Elisa Lucinda “Simone”; Jacqueline Sato “Carolina”; Nathalia Dill “Fernanda”; Paulo Vilhena “João”; Gero Camilo “Antônio”; Cynthia Nixon “Toni”
Production Company: Chocolate Filmes