Cinema Novo

Documentary, 2016.
Director: Eryk Rocha
90 minutes | Portuguese with English Subtitles
(not recommended for children under 12)

Exhibited on January 9th, 2019
UCLA James Bridges Theater
235 Charles E Young Drive West, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Cinema Novo is a poetic essay which explores one of the most important cinematographic movements in Latin-America through the thoughts of its main auteurs, and fragments of their work. The film immerses itself into the creative adventure of a generation of filmmakers that invented a way to make cinema in Brazil –with a political attitude, combining art and revolution –and hoped for a type of cinema that took the streets along with the Brazilian people.


Executive Producer: Diogo Dahl
Film editing: Renato Vallone
Sound designer: Edson Secco
Production Coordinators: Joelma Gonzaga and Flávia Vianna
Research: Thiago Brito and Adriana Peixoto
Writing: Eryk Rocha and Juan Posada
Producers: Coqueirão Pictures and Aruac Filmes
Co-producers: Canal Brasil and FM Produções
Distributors: Vitrine Filmes and Elo Company